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Janelle Unger is the Principal Investigator of RED Neuro Lab. She is an Assistant Professor in the School of Physical Therapy at Western University, Associate Scientist at Lawson Health Research Institute, and a licensed physical therapist. Janelle started RED Neuro Lab after finding her passion for working with individuals with neurological impairments as a researcher and clinician.



Chris is an undergraduate student at Western University studying Medical Sciences. Chris is interested in clinical research and aspires to be a cardiothoracic surgeon in the future. He enjoys spending time with family, friends as well as learning about consumer, aerospace, and medical technology when he is not at the lab!




Jordan is an undergraduate student studying Psychology at Western University. Jordan is interested in clinical psychology and therapy but wants to learn more about how to help others in different areas. She enjoys spending her time with friends, family, reading, and trying new foods!

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Joshua is a first-year combined program student at Western University pursuing a Master of Physiotherapy and PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. He is co-supervised by Dr Janelle Unger and Dr Susan Hunter.  Prior to attending Western's combined MPT/PhD program, Joshua received his Bachelor of Kinesiology and Master of Science degree in Applied Health Sciences from Brock University. His current and past research focuses on elucidating the micro and macro effects of exercise on health and rehabilitation. Joshua's past projects focused on the cellular effects of exercise on tissue health and development, specifically focusing on how exercise induces changes in muscle. His current research is focused on how to best develop and deliver exercise interventions with the objective of patient-centered physical rehabilitation. His aim is to improve our overall understanding of how exercise effects the body from both a clinically and functionally relevant standpoint.


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Kristin is a second year combined MPT/PhD student at the University of Western Ontario. She is being supervised by Dr. Susan W. Hunter and Dr. Janelle Unger. Kristin's research explores mobility and rehabilitation of people with lower limb loss using prosthetic devices in the community. Kristin collaborates with Parkwood Institute’s Amputee Prosthetic Rehabilitation Program in London, Ontario. Kristin is also a passionate cycler and fitness instructor – you will probably find her teaching spin at the Western Rec Centre or cycling outdoors on the weekend!



Ben is a Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology graduate from Western University. He has been heavily involved in COVID-19 response efforts working with both MLHU and SJHC assisting with vaccinations and testing. He is passionate about brain injury and concussion research and is currently working on a project in collaboration with Western. Ben values both physical and mental health and the relationship between them. He enjoys playing hockey and exercising, and is working with the CCAA and the City of London on a project to inform senior group fitness program development.



Gopi is a Bachelor of Health Sciences graduate from Western University. Understanding the underlying variables that influence one's health among marginalized and minority communities is the focus of her recent and ongoing study, with the ultimate goal of reforming health professional education. Her interests in sexual and reproductive health are centred on providing patient-centred and holistic health services and education. Along with painting and yoga, she also likes to spend time with her loved ones. 


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Drawn to the subject by his love of sports, Adnan is an undergraduate student studying Kinesiology at Western University. His research currently focuses on the accessibility, individualization and promotion of exercise programming for persons with mobility impairments. Since joining the lab, he has been involved with developing and running online fitness classes with the Gray Centre for Mobility and Activity. He also co-leads a resistance training class for patients with physical and neurological impairments. In his free time, he enjoys playing and coaching tennis and cheering on the Boston Bruins!

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